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Ryan Grasso started professionally working in studios in 2016. During this time, he learned how to use the right equipment to help the artist find their sound. Ryan loves any chance to experiment and try new things in the studio, he believes that this is when you find the "magic" your recording is looking for. Ryan uses his experience playing drums and piano to elevate his productions. These sounds vary from acoustic and electronic options of drums, percussion, pianos and keyboards. 

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The Inside

Recorded, Co-Produced, Drums/Percussion

"Ryan is a tremendous person and musician to work with! He is very knowledgeable about using the right equipment to get the sounds that you're looking for. He’s patient and willing to experiment so that the studio can be utilized as a tool and not just as a medium for your songs to get across."
- Jack Rangeley

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Mr. Wannabe and 40-40's

Recorded and Co-Produced

"Ryan gives his time to hear all your ideas before offering dope suggestions on your song and it helps you connect with him to understand together the best way to make a great song. 
Highly Recommend!"

- JesPaulJr

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Explaining to You

Recorded, Co-Produced, Drums

at Rhythmic Revolution

"Working with Ryan was great! He was very patient and great at problem solving. In other words, figuring out what sound I wanted. He also came up with a live drum part for my song in 30 minutes. He has never heard of the song before and was able to make a beat throughout the whole piece. Very impressive!"
- Chai Blackshear

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High School Party

Co-Produced, Drums

The Moon, Biking, Rock Radio

Mixed and Mastered

"Working with Ryan Grasso is always a great experience. From the recording process to the finished product we’re able to communicate how we want the song to come out and what we want to feel from it. Having him play drums on songs is one of the best things to add as well. Ryan’s experience with piano also helps a lot with brainstorming new ideas and adding more to the tracks we work on."
- Alex Ohlott

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A compilation of songs I've been blessed to be part of. This includes drumming, producing, recording and/or mix/mastering.

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North Jersey

Hip-Hop, Rock,

R&B, Pop, Funk

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